People We Met Along the Way

admin | August 13th, 2015 - 3:54 am

People we met on the trip

Caetano… the bus driver, he was an amazing driver. There were some tight roads and he always made it look easy, regardless of the size of the bus.

Bartender at Bar Piscinas… never caught his name but was always attentive and making it easy to speak in English and getting what we wanted. The prices were always good, as the parents spent hours at night there and got a small bill in the end. The view of the pool wasn’t bad either 😉

Staff at Nelas Parq Hotel… whether the desk staff which had tons of patience as the boys kept looking their keys in the room to the dinning room staff that always made sure the meals on time.

Joao Costa… the museum/tour guide at Estadio do Dragao. His English was excellent, his explanation of things was excellent, his patience with our large group was excellent. Go Porto… excellent! (we would’ve appreciated a goal vs Napoli, but still loved the game atmosphere)

Lady guide at Alvalade… Her English was good, the stadium was cool and while different from Porto’s stadium, still very good. When in Lisbon, a must visit.

Wine Tour guide (will update with name as soon as it hits me)… the parents took this tour and rave of his English, his explanations and how thorough he was. He was so good, many parents were ready to become vineyard owners themselves….or at least buy a few extra bottles to enjoy again and again.

Waiter at Radisson Blu… spoke perfect English, had lived in Galveston, Texas and has seen the world (at least lots of it), was even a bullfighter at one time, although he called it a ‘hobby’ not a job.

The countless others that made it an amazing trip. Thank you.