Tale of Two Halves

admin | August 5th, 2015 - 3:45 am

Day 2 was our first full day in Portugal. We woke up around 7:45; then ate a breakfast consisting of croissants, eggs, cereal, and fruit. We had a training session in Nelas at the local grass field. Afterwards, we had lunch at the hotel and left for Viseu.

In Viseu, we walked to the Old Cathedral (Se) and visited Grao Vasco museum. So far, that was the most life-changing part of our trip. The art really spoke to all the players. It told us stories of executed criminals and old kings. After that, we had free roam around the city. Soup paid a mime 3 euros to be his friend and give her a flower. Some kids went to local shops while some went to eat gelato. Steve insisted that the Snickers flavored gelato was the most life-changing part of the trip. The women in the city were beautiful, the best I have every seen. They stared at us with great awe as our American faces were to hot to handle. Everyone met up near the bus and we made the voyage (35 minutes) to the small stadium where we were playing.

The best part of the field had to be the view. There was a great view of the mountains around and the neighboring towns. We changed in the visiting locker room and played a team that was in the highest division of Portuguese youth soccer. This team was one of the top 40 teams in all of Portugal. Miles and Joe Kelly added goals and we were up 2-1 at half with Teitelbaum assisting the first one. Soup drew a penalty and He-who-must-not-be-named insisted upon taking it. He got thrown off by a dog barking in the distance 2 kilometers away, it seemed to be a dalmatian and hit the crossbar. After that, it all went downhill…

(we lost 5-2)

Written by ST and JB

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