Small Town Life and Soccer Lessons

admin | August 7th, 2015 - 7:27 pm

Day 4 – August 6

“Don’t demand perfection. Demand effort.” words a great man once said.

Our Thursday began with a trip to the hometown of coach Rui, where parents had the opportunity to experience a major cultural aspect of rural Portugal in a wine tasting event. During this wine tasting, the rest of the team hiked around the town. The small town, with a population of a hundreds, was built around narrow cobblestone roads, lined with iconic red-bricked roof houses. Vineyards and trees bearing fruits like apples, oranges, peaches, also made up a part of the landscape.

After a game of futsal at the local court-different from the last time we played futsal, which ended with us almost arrested for trespassing-we headed back to the house to have one of the best meals of the trip. We filled up on freshly cooked rice, pasta, cod cakes, chicken, pork, and other foods that make up components of a Portuguese diet.

In the late afternoon, we played a competitive game against Tondela, a top academy team that plays in the first division of the Portuguese league, which consists of the top 40 teams in the country. As expected, they played a very crisp game and made very few mistakes. We managed to hang close with them for nearly the entire game, only giving up one goal on a soft foul in the box. However, they were a teaimage image image image image image imagem built to play at a top level into even the last few minutes, and they managed to net three goals in the last ten minutes of the game, a result of a slight breakdown we had mentally. In the end, we felt that the scoreline didn’t represent the game we played, as were able to hang tight with one of the top teams this country has to offer.

Written by JR and SE



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