Lisbon’s Lions and Castles

admin | August 11th, 2015 - 2:51 pm

Monday, August 11

Traveled to Lisbon this morning, went to Sporting Alvalade Stadium. We were hoping to see the Super Cup trophy they had won the night before, but it wasn’t on display. The stadium is very colorful and the museum had tons of trophies. We did see a display of when Ronaldo played at Sporting. Along with a signed jersey, there was his file of time spent with the club, since very young. A player pass of when he first joined the club, he looked like a baby compared to today.

After the stadium tour and a visit to the club store for some scarves and jerseys, we headed to the Castle of St Jorge. The walk up thru the old neighborhoods was cool. Thin winding streets/allies snakes side to side, with small houses. You’d walk by a store no larger then many closets back in the USA. We took a pit stop on our walk up to a roof top, overlooking the river and it was amazing. Lots of street vendors around selling art and stuff, we tried to avoid them and just enjoyed the view.

A little further up and we made it to the castle and it was awesome. The view from there was even better. We can see the entire city. The old area to the newer, more model area. Many climbed the stairs to the top of the castle tower and enjoyed the 360 degree view. There is also a cafe/restaurant with peacocks walimageking around, they were beautiful and not afraid of people, they just walked around the garden and between the people. Many of us commented that its easy to spend an entire day there, just enjoyed the shade and the views for miles.

After making our walk back down thru the neighborhoods, dogging the old trollies click and clacking thru the streets and the small golf cart like tour rides, we met our bus and headed to our hotel for the night. Its new and modern. We had a great final dinner and making of us spoke about the experience, our favorite things and it felt it went quickly. We went to bed as we all have early flights in the morning.

Obrigado and Boa Viagem.















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