Full Stadium Fun

admin | August 9th, 2015 - 9:43 am

Today we got up at 8 and had the same breakfast as we always do in the hotel. After breakfast Coach distributed the new uniforms to us for the tournament games(green&blue). The jerseys were really cool and unique.

Today we had two games in the Mangualde Tournament. Each game was one 45 min half with no refs. The language barrier was tough and hard to decipher the fouls. The first game we played we lost 1-0. We played very well and limited the other teams chances. The second game we won 4-2. Goals scored by Miles (2),Casey, and Cole. During the second game we were able to find our chemistry and convert good opportunities into goals. Green had to end his start in goal early because he tried to make a diving save and hit his head against the post. His afro provided cushion to his fall.

After the two tournament games we rushed back to the hotel to take a quick shower and then go to lunch at 2 at O Canecao. After lunch we went straight from the Cafe to the Porto Napoli game at Porto image image image image image image image image imageimageimageStadium. Today was Porto’s first home game so there were celebration ceremonies starting at 6:30. There were dragons, flags, and living statues. We were all excited to watch a historic soccer club play. The players of Porto were individually introduced and brought on to stage. The game was possessed very well, but both teams were not able to score and ended in a 0-0 draw. We were disappointed because neither team was able to put the ball into the net.

After the game the team went to get a midnight snack outside the stadium at a hot dog stand. They tried to overcharge Dash, but he realized and got all of his money back.

All in all it was a successful day filled with soccer.
Only 2 days left! 🙁

Written by: CB & CK



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