Finally there, now some soccer…

admin | August 4th, 2015 - 3:35 am

After months and months of preparation, finally we are in Portugal!

Our transportation consisted a 6 hour flight, 3 hour waiting period (waiting for the second flight), and 2 hour bus ride, and then finally a chance to lay dimage image image image imageown in our hotel, Hotel Nelas Parq. After that it was futsal (blacktop soccer), supermarket runs and the game room. JB and CB might of spent 45 minutes – 2 hours playing a single game of pool. ST could of bought a hermit crab (decided not to),and JK still hasn’t said a word.

The hotel is also in a prime location, with a public pool across the street, and our practice facilities conveniently located diagonally from our hotel. Practice last night was from 6-7:30 our time, and after we went to explore the town, and then went to sleep after a long day of both traveling and playing soccer in a foreign country. After the first day of Portugal, both MF and I contemplated the disbelief we had which stemmed from the fact that we finally were playing soccer in a foreign country, and we finally made it to Portugal.


Written by TB and MF.



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