Bottom to the top, Coimbra we go

admin | August 5th, 2015 - 8:48 pm

Day 3- August 5

Today, we started our morning with the usual breakfast in the hotel and took a joyful bus-ride to the city of Coimbra. In Coimbra, we walked up hills to the university, which dates back to the 12th century. Students wear capes in all black and let us take pictures with their capes on. On the campus, which overlooks the entire city, we walked to the library where 200 year old books were and we went to the prison underneath the library.

Next, we went to the museum in the city. There were many sculptures and paintings dating back hundreds of years. Most of the sculptures did not have hands because the crusaders invaded and destroyed the artwork. In addition, there were tunnels and crypts which once held dead bodies. This museum took two hours as it was very large and lots to see.

After the museum, we had our free time for a few hours where we sat down and ate. Most of the group ordered hamburgers but they did not have buns nor fries. We concluded Portugal has some of the best looking girls we have ever seen. Some of the group got gelato and waited at the rendezvous point. We bought many souvenirs, checked out more girls, and Green messed with some of the locals.
After Coimbra, we took the bus to a pro soccer game between CD Tondela vs Berkane of Morocco. The game was intense which resulted in a score of 2-1 for the home team, Tondela. Although it was a friendly, there were a few scuffles between the teams. On our way out, we saw a group of guys try to hit on a girl and immediately got rejected.

After a short ride from the game to the hotel, we had dinner and hung out for remainder of the night.


Written by VE and EG

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